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  • At Chennai cancer Care, specially trained staff nurses administer these drugs under constant surveillance. Administration of Targeted therapy drugs need special care & attention and cannot be
  • Monoclonal antibodies have revolutionised many aspects of biology and medicine since their description in 1976. There are two major reasons. The first is that monoclonal antibodies are poised to break new ground, as therapeutic agents.
  • The development of genetic engineering techniques has allowed the creation of antibodies incorporating selected human and murine characteristics. These antibodies can thus bind effectively to the target antigen and also interact with human effectors mechanisms to kill the target cells.
  • Monoclonal antibodies offer the potential for highly specific, targeted therapy of tumor, Monoclonal antibodies dominate many aspects of diagnostic medicine and promise to yield major therapeutic advances.
  • Antibodies have evolved as a powerful weapon against Cancer cells.
  • There are a very few sites in Oncology where this practice could be considered without compromising the results with the added advantage of organ conservation. Those sites include Breast tumors, Head and neck tumors and Bone tumors.

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