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Conclusion - Abiding Trust

Hospitals are meant to provide an environment that is conducive to rest, recuperation and better health. They ought to be spaces where a patient’s care comes foremost, where the full extent of medical knowledge and skill is harnessed in putting the wellbeing and recovery of the patient above all else. Trusted hospitals should instil confidence in the patient and their families, and ensure that care and service always come first.

The goal of the Reader’s Digest Trusted Hospital series has been to help our readers avoid the potentially harrowing experience of identifying a hospital that may later fall short of expectations. The healthcare providers that have emerged as winners are tested and trusted by patients polled and have established themselves as reliable. They understand the responsibility they have been entrusted with, recognize their position of privilege and do not view their work as simply a profit-making venture, but one of dedication and service. They have managed to foster trust within the communities they serve, and provide efficient and responsive care with cost-efficiency. 

Today, the consumer’s demand for accountability from the healthcare sector is higher. They seek quality medical care, personalized attention, affordable cutting-edge treatments, transparent communication, good bedside manners and better compliance to regulations. Consumers identify other quality parameters—attention to detail, ease of access to up-to-date technology, quality post-procedure care—for their satisfaction. These are also the true hallmarks of a Reader’s Digest Trusted Hospital.

The Survey - How It Was Conducted

The second Reader’s Digest Trusted Hospital survey returns with a comprehensive list of private hospitals from 6 cities across India. These hospitals have become synonymous with trust and quality care in the private healthcare sector and serve as a useful guide for readers looking for the best possible care for themselves and their loved ones.

This survey comes at a time when there is an abundance of choice. Yet, this profusion is a double-edged sword. While high-quality healthcare providers are accessible to those who can afford them, the variance in quality standards makes it a confusing and difficult choice. This is where the Reader’s Digest’s Trusted Hospital survey steps in.

We commissioned one of the world’s leading research group, IPSOS, to survey a targeted sample of consumers in cities across India to identify private sector hospitals that they trust. The respondents were between 31–65 years and were the decision-makers for healthcare for their families and themselves.

The objective was to identify the most trusted hospitals and the parameters that drive that trust. Respondents were asked to rate their degree of awareness and familiarity with the hospitals. The hospitals were then rated against criteria that lend them substantial credibility.

We arrived at the final ranking by creating a single trust index for each hospital, by determining the weightage of each driver of trust and calculating the score given to a hospital by each respondent. The average rating for each hospital was arrived at by aggregating scores given to the hospital by each respondent.



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