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Organ conservation in the practice of Oncology has been a topic of hot debate in the western countries for the past few decades. At Chennai Cancer Care, we consider the practice of organ conservation wherever feasible without compromising the Control & Cure rates.There are a very few sites in Oncology where this practice could be considered without compromising the results with the added advantage of organ conservation. Those sites include Breast tumors, Head and neck tumors and Bone tumors.

Breast Conservation Therapy

This is made possible with availability of multimodal (or) multidisciplinary approach. Availability of latest  Chemotherapy, Targeted therapy drugs, Surgical and Radiation Therapy expertise have done wonders in this modern era of medicine. Removal of the whole breast is not warranted or needed as this causes a major psychological impact in woman and studies point towards the fact that most women who undergo Modified Radical Mastectomy (MRM) or Removal of breast had a sense of feeling that they have lost the feminity in them,  whereas some consider loss of breast, a social taboo and reduced their social activities. All these psychological facts point towards BCT and its advantage

Head and Neck Tumors

The commonest sites in head and neck, where organ conservation could be considered are buccal mucosa, tongue and laryngeal cancers. Removal of a portion of tongue will impair the person's speech. Removal of Vocal Cords will impair the person's voice pattern or quality of voice whereas conserving these organs and with radiation therapy to these sites, results were comparable to that of Surgical Excision. Interstitial implants or Brachytherapy is a standard practice in early stage Oral cavity or Pharyngeal malignancies.
Ancient treatment technique like Interstitial Brachy therapy with modern refinement - High dose rate (HDR) Brachytherapy, has revolutionized cancer therapy. In Brachy therapy implants, Radioactive sources are placed at the tumor site or tumor bed to deliver a Booster Dose to that site which in turn increases the Tumor local control rates and hence Tumor free survival

Interstitial Brachy Therapy

Dr.S.Alex A Prasad has specialized in Brachytherapy and is the only Brachytherapist trained in Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai & The Christies Hospital, Manchester, UK.

Bone Tumors and organ Conservative Approach

Organ (limb) conservation has been made possible without altering the tumor control rates. The most common bone tumors treated in this part of our country are Osteosarcoma and Ewings Sarcoma which usually affect the adolescent age group. Should we not consider the option of limb conservation considering the age?

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