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Work Pattern in Dentistry at Chennai Cancer Care Hospital

  1. Prophylaxis for Head and Neck Cancer patients before starting them on Radiation Therapy
  2. Provide advice on Dental Prophylaxis such as – Dental Scaling, Dental grinding, Stain removal
  3. Treat early, premalignant oral lesions like Leukoplakia, Erythroplakia with Surgical Excision
  4. Denture fixation or Prosthesis placement
  5. Coordination with the Radiation Oncologist on Treatment Planning with Radiation Therapy for Head and Neck Cancers
  6. OPG – Ortho Pan Tomogram, Dental Extraction, Dental Conservation
  7. Counseling patients with Head and Neck Cancers on Oral, Dental hygiene, eating habits during a course of Radiation Therapy

Conduct Camps

  1. Oral Cancer Screening Programs
  2. Dental Hygiene Awareness Camps

Oral Cancer Screening Camps

  • Periodically Oral Cancer Screening Camps are conducted at Chennai Cancer Care Hospital at the Department of Dentistry
  • Screening is done with Indirect Laryngoscope Examination and by Intra oral examination
  • Early premalignant lesions like – Leukoplakia, Erythroplakia [White, Red patches ] are picked up and treated with minimal invasive Surgical techniques
  • High risk patients for Head and Neck Cancers are advised to be on regular Follow up protocol

Dental Hygiene Awareness Camps

  • Regularly Conduct Awareness Camps on Dental Hygiene in Primary and High Schools
  • Teach them the Correct brushing techniques
  • Teach them – to look for early stage oral lesions
  • Teach them the hazards of Smoking, abusing Tobacco, Alcohol as a Primary Prevention Tool


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