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  • IMRT/ IGRT is a "State of the Art Cancer Treatment" that delivers high doses of radiation directly to cancer cells in a very targeted way, much more precisely than is possible with conventional radiotherapy. IMRT/IGRT can deliver higher radiation doses directly to cancer cells while sparing more of the surrounding healthy tissue. This has important advantages in oral cancers as it allow the beams to hit their target area while missing the surrounding structures such as the salivary glands.
  • IMRT/IGRT uses Computer- Generated images to plan, and then deliver tightly focused radiation beams to cancerous tumors. Clinicians use it to exquisitely "Paint" the tumor with a precise radiation beam that conforms as closely as possible to the shape of the tumor.
  • IMRT/IGRT can be used to treat tumors that might have been considered untreatable due to close proximity of vital organs and structures. Treating such tumors requires tremendous accuracy. In the case of head and neck tumors, IMRT/IGRT allows radiation to be delivered in a way that minimizes exposure of the spinal cord, optic nerve, salivary glands or other important structures. In the case of prostate cancer, exposure of the bladder or rectum can be minimized. IMRT/IGRT is were to treat tumors in the brain, breast, head & neck, liver, lung, nasopharynx, pancreas, prostate, and uterus.
  • A powerful Computer Program optimizes a treatment plan based on the physician's dose instruction, and information about tumor size, shape and location in the body. A medical liner accelerator, equipped with a special device called a MultiLeaf Collimator that shapes the radiation beam, delivers the radiation in accordance with the treatment plan. The equipment can be rotated around the patient to send radiation beams from the most favorable angles for giving the tumor a high dose while preserving important healthy tissues.
  • This Centre was started with the goal "Fight Cancer Regardless"
  • Acute and Long term side effects are reduced a lot by "Dose Avoidance" to normal and critical Structures.


What are the warning signs of cancer?

The chances of curing cancer increases with early detection. The Indian cancer society and other organizations recommend paying attention to the seven warning signals of cancer: A Cancer Physician can detect cancer from medical history, performing routine check ups, cancer screening tests, imaging techniques and tissue biopsy – if need be.
Cancer Treatment has acquired new dimension today. Through continous Research, highly sophisticated Treatment techniques have been developed, holding new hope to numerours cancer patients the world over. Cancer screening can go a long way in saving human lives and expenditiure.

What is screening in general ? What is cancer Screening?

Screening is examination of a symptomatic (healthy) population, in order to detect certain disease, at an early stage. Cancer screening is a widespread practice in Developed countries, to detect early cancer cases among seemingly healthy individuals.

Can all type of cancers be screened?

Successful and efficient screening has been developed for certain kinds of cancer, not for all. It is fortunate that, cancer of the womb(cervix) which is the commonest cancer in Indian women can be screened efficiently

Is cancer curable?

Yes cancer is curable, "if detected early"

Does cancer screening ensure 100% protection?

No, some cancers may not be amenable to Tests. Some of these Cancer Screening tests have chances of false positivity or false negativity

What does gynaec screening mean?

"Gynaec" Screening means clinical examination and doing PAP smear test. It is effective and less expensive.

Is there any screening procedure for breast cancer?

Yes, there is. Clinical examination, Mammography and Breast self Examination (BSE) .

What is the impact of 'Cancer Screening' on curability?

Screening in the asymptomatic population has a major impact on cure rates. In developed countries, with appropriate screening, about 70% of the detected cancer cases are cured, whereas in countries without regular cancer screening, 70% of the cancer cases die due to the disease despite all therapeutic intervention.

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